Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Purpose of this Statement
This Statement outlines the nature and protection of personal and health-related information provided to ProBenefits as part of its administration of employee welfare benefit plans.

Confidentiality of Personal Information
ProBenefits is sensitive to the confidentiality of personal information. All personal information provided by participants, and all Employer-related information provided by Employers, is held by ProBenefits with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Such information will be utilized only to the extent necessary (1) to ensure prompt and accurate processing and reimbursement of funds following reimbursement request and approval, and (2) to ensure efficient plan administration in accordance with the terms of the applicable service agreement. ProBenefits utilizes its best efforts and best secure technology in the protection of personal information.

Confidentiality of Health Information
ProBenefits is sensitive to the confidentiality of health-related information. All health information provided by participants is held with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Such information will be utilized only to the extent necessary to review and adjudicate claims upon reimbursement request by participants. Health information is not shared with any third parties or anyone other than the participant and individuals authorized by the participant. ProBenefits utilizes its best efforts and best secure technology in the protection of health information. If ProBenefits is required by law or any court or administrative order to provide health information to others, it will comply. Otherwise, it is up to your employer to protect and keep confidential information which you share.

Social Security Numbers
ProBenefits complies with all applicable state and federal law regarding the use of individual Social Security numbers. ProBenefits typically collects the Social Security number from the Employer and uses it for internal processing only. Any participant who wishes not to provide his/her Social Security number is not required to do so. Social Security numbers are not required for enrollment, claim submission, or account access. If you or your employer provide your SS# to ProBenefits as part of your account information (whether as an identification number, website ID, or otherwise), the number is held with strict confidentiality and used only for internal recordkeeping and identification purposes. ProBenefits does not share SS#s with any third parties.

Security of Health Information
As a Business Associate of our employer clients, ProBenefits follows HIPAA guidelines in the privacy and security of protected health information. Our efforts to provide security of protected health information includes: (1) contract agreement with employers through Business Associate Agreements outlining privacy and security measures undertaken to protect health information; and (2) utilizing our best efforts and best secure technology in the security and protection of health information related to plans that we administer.

Questions About Your Claim
A participant in an FSA who has a specific question about a claim has two options: (1) the participant may access his/her account information via our secure online website (ProBenefits Online); or (2) the participant may contact a ProBenefits staff member by phone or email to inquire about the claim. We encourage the participant to personally utilize these options and to contact us directly. If someone other than the participant contacts us, we will not be able to share account or claim information with that person unless authorized by the participant.

Terms of Use
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