Our new COBRA platform is coming soon!

As we promised this spring, we’re bringing you a new and improved COBRA platform! We’ll be providing you with plenty of additional information over the next weeks, but here’s what you need to know now:

  • The new COBRA system will go live in mid-September (update: the new COBRA system will go live in mid-November).
  • We’ll provide you with login information in early September so you can check out the new web portal. For an early look, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar.
  • After we let you know that your data is live on the new platform, you’ll begin logging on to the new COBRA web portal instead of myRSC.com to manage your plan. If you’ve been adding new hires and reporting terminations on myRSC, you’ll begin doing that on the new portal instead. Or if your new hires and terminations are currently reported to us through third-party data file feeds, we’ll still process those as usual on the new system, and you can log on to the new portal to access reports and plan details.
  • Your COBRA participants will continue to make payments as usual through the beginning of September, with their current coupons. They’ll be notified in early September that a change is coming, and will receive new coupons and login information to the new portal in mid-September, to use for October’s payments. But if a participant forgets and uses their old coupons, no worries – their payments will get processed in the new system.
  • We’ll be moving to all-ACH payments for your premium reimbursement remittances. ACH reimbursement gets your payments to you much faster and more securely than a paper check, without the chance of loss or theft, and is the reimbursement method of choice for most of our clients. We’ll be sending out a form soon for you to verify your ACH information, or add it if you haven’t yet provided it to us.
  • We’ll also be asking you to verify the contacts that should have access to your account on our new portal. Changing platforms is a great time for housekeeping, and we want to make sure everyone has access who should, and remove anyone who no longer needs it. Look for further communication on this in the near future.

We’re excited to show you the new system! Don’t forget to register for the upcoming webinar to get the first look. And be on the lookout for additional information from us soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, we’re here to help! Just email us at COBRA@ProBenefits.com.