The ProBenefits team: Look who’s on your side!

Benefits experts on a first-name basis — that’s how we like to describe the ProBenefits team. We attract the kind of people who insist on doing things right. Each person on our team brings a specific expertise that contributes to our organizational brain power — and we pass our knowledge on to you so that you don’t have to be a benefits expert, that’s our job. Whether we’re developing your plan, getting you set up, or navigating compliance, we’re on your side, bringing know-how, caring and integrity to every interaction. After all, relationships and expertise matter a great deal here.

From time to time, we’ll post about a few of our team members so that you can get to know us better and put a face with that first name!

Who’s the friendly man in the dashing suit? Meet Jon Cauble, Senior Account Team Manager. Jon started as a Customer Service Representative and then served as Customer Service Manager before transitioning to his current role — so you can trust him to understand all aspects of the business, from participant to employer. In fact, like Jon, most of our team members have spent time in the customer service role at some point in their time at ProBenefits because we see that experience as such a crucial part of understanding our clients and their challenges and opportunities.

We’re proud of our team at ProBenefits — after all, we’ve worked hard to cultivate a staff that is knowledgeable, caring and there when you need them.  Account Manager Deborah Trawick is a great example. Serving as a single point of contact for her clients, Deborah understands the needs and concerns of our partners and their employees — a skill she honed in her 7 years onboarding our new clients. We can give you The benefit of trust because we have Deborah on our side — and yours.

Meet Operations Assistant Ty Rice — Ty has been helping keep our office running smoothly for seven years. He might already be a familiar face to you, because he sometimes takes his big smile and friendly attitude on the road to employee benefits fairs, where he answers questions and hands out fun ProBenefits goodies. ProBenefits is a place that cultivates a culture of gratitude, and Ty lives that well as a member of our team. For example, he’s one of our resident thank you note writers who believes in the importance of personally thanking our clients for being a part of the ProBenefits family. If you see Ty out and about while he’s on the road, be sure to say hello!

Meet Customer Service Representative Elizabeth Bledsoe! Elizabeth’s friendly voice has greeted clients on the other end of the phone here at ProBenefits for about two years now. She’s very excited about our new platform and is looking forward to sharing all the new system features with you!

Josh McGee has been with ProBenefits for more than 3 years now. Because he works in onboarding new partners, he’s often one of the first ProBenefits team members an employer group will meet. One of the most personable people on our team, Josh keeps us all smiling — and you may have noticed him (with the addition of a beard) doing the robot dance in our latest video!