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Orthodontia and Your FSA

This is a summary of rules relating to reimbursement of orthodontia expenses for Flexible Spending Accounts (“FSAs”). Whereas IRS rules generally prohibit reimbursement for prepayment of expenses (including one-time lump … Read More

FSA Money Left Over?

Did you have fewer medical expenses this year than you anticipated?  That’s a good problem to have! Here are some ideas to help you use the extra money in your … Read More

FSA/HSA Eligibility

Potentially the most frequent compliance question for employers with existing or new HDHP plans is the interaction between Health FSAs and HSAs in terms of participant eligibility and elections. In … Read More

HSAs: The New Retirement Plan

Health Savings Accounts (“HSAs”) are becoming the most flexible option in retirement planning. As a refresher, HSAs are individually owned bank accounts that are a tax-advantage option for anyone enrolled … Read More

Election Periods & The 30-Day Myth


Frequently Asked Question: Is it correct that an employee has 30 days after making an election as a new hire, or 30 days after open enrollment ends, in which to … Read More