How much do you know about COBRA?

Test your knowledge with our quick COBRA quiz:

1. Which of these employers must comply with COBRA?

a) A publicly traded corporation with 50,000 employees
b) A small business with 10 full-time employees and 30 part-time employees working 20 hours per week
c) A private school with 10 year-round employees and 50 teachers who work August-June
d) All of the above

2. What benefits are subject to COBRA?

a) Health insurance
b) Dental and Vision insurance
c) FSA and HRA plans
d) All group health plans sponsored by the employer, including all of the above

3. Due to COVID-19, the US DOL has temporarily extended some COBRA deadlines. What is the end date for the extension?

a) January 31, 2021
b) 30 days after COBRA is offered
c) What’s the DOL?
d) We don’t know yet

Answer d is the correct choice for all three questions. Were any of these a surprise to you? Surprises are great at birthday parties, but not in COBRA! Here’s one more question for you:

4. Failure to comply with federal COBRA rules can result in:

a) Claims liability
b) Tax or ERISA penalties
c) Litigation
d) All of the above

Again, the answer is d! COBRA is complicated and time-consuming, and trying to administer it on your own, or using a free or discount service, can lead to risks you probably don’t want to take with your business.

Here at ProBenefits, we take COBRA administration very seriously. That’s why we have benefits attorneys on staff to answer complex legal questions, help with any coverage appeals, and effectively analyze changes to the regulations, like the recent COVID-19 deadline extensions. We also provide education when you need it – for example, you can find out more about all the questions on our quiz by watching the recording of our recent COBRA webinar, and learn more about the COVID-19 deadline extensions specifically in our recent Compliance Update newsletter. And we’re here to answer when you call with any COBRA question.

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