Here with answers — before, during and after COVID-19

Update 5/5/20: Hello friends, partners and participants. I write this post to you with sincere hopes that you and yours are healthy and well. It’s been powerful to watch people from all kinds of industries do their part to get us all through the changes and challenges associated with COVID-19. At ProBenefits, we’re thankful to serve in our own way by ensuring our partners and participants feel well informed and make good decisions about changes to benefits plans brought about by the CARES Act.

In fact, we’ve been inundated with calls and questions, and the team has been at the ready with answers. I am so proud of their responsiveness. We are committed to answering your calls and responding to your emails as promptly as we always do.

We have always been committed to sharing our expertise with our partners and participants — and this is true now more than ever, when many of you are looking for guidance.

No staff changes — we’re all here for you, as always
In addition, I want to share our commitment to ensuring that we keep every single employee on the payroll. Protecting our staff is extremely important. Over the years, the ProBenefits team has been assembled to support you with any need or goal you have related to benefits administration. It is important to me as President that we continue to have that team fully in place so that we can offer the expertise and resources you’ve come to count on. They are dedicated to ProBenefits, and ProBenefits is dedicated to them.

We understand that for many employers all over the nation, staff changes are unavoidable. We are grateful to be in the position to maintain our stability and, therefore, our high level of customer service. Know that we are here for you to ensure that your employee benefits are administered seamlessly now — and when you add back your team members in the near future.

Thank you for the continued trust you place in our team. We hold that trust very dear, especially during this time, when we are all facing challenges unlike any other in our past. We will always work to honor that trust. Reach out to us to let us know how we can help.