What are the most common problems with claims that are submitted?

Participants should be aware of the most common claims problems that delay or prevent FSA reimbursements:

  1. No Date of Service – We are often given the date of payment or the statement date, but we must have the date of service.
  2. Invalid Documentation – A canceled check or credit/debit card payment receipt does not properly validate a claim.  A provider statement or an EOB from the insurance company must be submitted.
  3. Illegible documentation – Make sure the documentation you upload with your claim is clear and doesn’t cut off any important data, like provider, date of service, type of service, or expense amount.
  4. Ineligible Dates of Service – Remember that the date the expense was incurred must be while you were a plan participant, and in a current plan year.

Quick reimbursement is our goal at ProBenefits, but we must adhere to all requirements to keep your plan legally compliant and audit-ready. These few simple mistakes cause most of the delays.

Please give your claims a “4-Point Inspection” before submission. Thanks!