What are the benefits of using the Debit Card?

Top Five Benefits of Using the Debit Card:

  1. Cashless FSA Transactions: The ProBenefits Debit Card provides instant access to FSA funds, reducing out-of-pocket expenditures.
  2. Less Paperwork to Submit: Charges are automatically approved (“auto-adjudicated”) at many locations where the card is accepted, so in many cases you will only need to save your receipts instead of submitting them to ProBenefits.
  3. Online Account Access: See personal account information including your available balance and transaction history.
  4. Free Cards: There is no fee for cards for you and your spouse or dependent.
  5. Flexibility: You can still file reimbursement claims if you forget your card or choose not to use it. 

See this helpful flyer for tips on using your debit card.