I have a Dependent Care FSA, and I tried to use my Debit Card to pay for my child's daycare. Why did it not work?

While the ProBenefits Debit Card is available to be used with your Dependent Care FSA (if offered by your employer), some dependent care providers may not be equipped to accept debit cards, or may not have an eligible Merchant Category Code to allow the ProBenefits Debit Card to work there. Also, Dependent Care FSA reimbursement is limited to the amount you have contributed to date, so we encourage you to use the mobile app or web portal to check your available balance prior to swiping your ProBenefits Debit Card for dependent care.

Please remember that IRS regulations governing FSAs mandate that reimbursement is based on the date of service and that prepayments are not eligible to be reimbursed. Many dependent care providers require prepayment well in advance of services rendered. You may use your card for services that will take place in the current month, but please do not use your card for prepayment for care that will take place beyond the current month, or for registration fees for summer camps or other future services.

See this helpful flyer for tips on using your debit card.