What type of receipts or documentation do I need?

FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs all have documentation requirements for using those funds. Generally, documentation will need to show:

  • the date of service,
  • the services that were rendered,
  • and the amount that you owe for those services after insurance and other discounts.

For FSAs, HSAs, and some HRAs, a detailed provider receipt or itemized cash register receipt is usually sufficient, if it contains all the required information listed above. For some HRAs, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company is required. (EOBs are usually great documentation, no matter which type of benefit you have!)

Watch out for credit card slips that only show date of payment and amount – those are missing important information like date of service (the service date is the important date, and sometimes the date you pay is not the same day that the service is rendered), what service was provided, and details about the amount paid (for example, if a provider makes you pre-pay for an expense, sometimes they end up owing you money back after insurance adjustments – so the amount you initially paid may not be the amount that your plan can reimburse).

For FSA and HRA reimbursement claims, you will need to submit documentation along with your claim; and for some benefits debit card purchases, you will need to submit supporting documentation following the transaction. But even in situations where you don’t need to submit documentation to ProBenefits, like a benefits debit card swipe that is automatically approved or an HSA withdrawal, it’s important that you keep valid documentation on file, in case of audit by the IRS.

It will make using your benefits much easier if you make a habit of asking for good receipts from your providers at the time of service (and keeping your EOBs when you receive them in the mail or online), and start a file to keep track of them in case they’re needed.

Tip: Dependent Care claims require documentation too, and sometimes dependent care providers don’t provide adequate receipts as part of their general practices. In this case, you can have them complete our Dependent Care Receipt Form to get the documentation you need.