Can the Health FSA reimburse expenses incurred for special schools and/or teaching for a learning-disabled child?

Amounts paid to a special school or specially-trained teacher for a learning-disabled child are reimbursable if recommended by a doctor.

We will need a letter from the child’s physician stating that the special school is recommended to treat the specific disability (dyslexia, etc.). The letter should be on the physician’s letterhead with clear reference to your child’s case. It can be brief and does not have to go into detail or great substantiation. It simply must recommend the special school or specially-trained teacher for your child, to treat a specifically diagnosed condition. Or you may provide your doctor with this Letter of Medical Necessity form to complete. We’ll keep the letter on file, and as expenses are incurred, you can submit a provider receipt along with your reimbursement claim. A new physician’s statement will need to be submitted each plan year.