Are travel expenses for obtaining medical care eligible for reimbursement by the Health FSA?

You can be reimbursed from your Health FSA for travel expenses incurred in obtaining medical care. Similar to lodging expenses, the travel must be primarily for and essential to medical care, and there must be no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation in the travel. In addition, you must provide us with a walk-out statement or other documentation from the provider that indicates a visit to the doctor or hospital for the dates you are claiming. Most commonly, reimbursement is based on mileage driven to obtain care, at a rate determined yearly by the IRS. You can use our Medical Mileage Worksheets to calculate your medical mileage reimbursement request:

2019 Medical Mileage Worksheet
2020 Medical Mileage Worksheet
2021 Medical Mileage Worksheet
2022 Medical Mileage Worksheet